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(since 2011 Aug)
Dubai --> Palm Island Jumeirah --> Emerald Palace Residences   
Dubai --> Palm Island Jumeirah --> Emerald Palace Residences
  Emerald Palace Residences
Start Date :   Handover Date :
Location : Palm Island Jumeirah

 The Emerald Residences

Classically styled, The Emerald Palace Residences incorporate elegant neoclassical architectural elements to create an imposing landmark dome
Bracing the skyline of Palm Jumeirah, the classical beauty of the Emerald Palace is suited to the sophisticated island life on the crescent of the Palm. This 7-storey development ranks as the showcase luxury residence of the island and is situated adjacent to the 5-star deluxe Emerald Palace Hotel and Resort. This residential complex offers the epitome of luxury at the edge of waterfront living.
Surrounded by lush green landscape, Emerald Palace Residences feature 200 apartments, intelligently designed to cater to connoisseurs of taste and luxury. Only the best modern amenities and select array of fine materials and fittings have been allowed to embrace the high-end 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. A few penthouse apartments have been allocated to enhance the experience at the Emerald Palace. All apartments feature spacious terraces that overlook a private beach and the far off horizon.
Emerald Place Residences is located on the outer crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. It is the first project to be launched in the crescent of the island, which ranks as the eighth wonder of the world. The Palm Jumeirah is located off the coast of Dubai and faces Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7-star luxury hotel. It is in close proximity to leading five-star hotels and resorts, the Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet and Media City and the Jebel Ali Free zone.
The Emerald Palace Residences feature first class services with futuristic and stunning public places that include an open plan reception and a majestic atrium. The complex is surrounded by lush green gardens that blend in with the natural beauty of the Palm.
Some of the facilities offered at the Emerald Palace Residences include
  • Health complex with gymnasiums
  • Spa
  • Squash court
  • Multipurpose tenant's room
  • Lounge and viewing area
  • Temperature controlled swimming pools
  • Courtyard balconies for outdoor dining
  • Superior technology, TV and data system
  • Modern fitted kitchens
  • Luxury en suite bathrooms
  • Separate walk-in showers
  • Guest cloakrooms
  • Separate storage and maid room
  • Underground parking
  • Adjoining retail facilitie
  • Café/restaurant
  • Energy efficient air conditioning
  • CCTV intercom system
  • 24 hour security
  • Safety systems with zoned alarms
  • 24 hour concierge
  • Floor Plan:


    The Emerald Residences : Unit - A2

    Type Unit - A2
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 1,991.34

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - A3

    Type Unit - A3
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,389.61

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - A4

    Type Unit - A4
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,281.97

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - A8

    Type Unit - A8
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,238.91
    The Emerald Residences : Unit - A9

    Type Unit - A9
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,583.36

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - C3

    Type Unit - C3
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,421.9

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - C4

    Type Unit - C4
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 2,421.9

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - D2

    Type Unit - D2
    Bedrooms 3
    Area 2,992.39

    The Emerald Residences : Level - 4


    The Emerald Residences : Level - 3

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - D3

    Type Unit - D3
    Bedrooms 3
    Area 3,304.55

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - F2

    Type Unit - F2
    Bedrooms 3
    Area 9,902.88

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - G1

    Type Unit - G1
    Bedrooms 3
    Area 4,615.17

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - H1

    Type Unit - H1
    Bedrooms 2
    Area 5,044.01

    The Emerald Residences : Unit - M1

    Type Unit - M1
    Bedrooms 2 or 3
    Area 5,044.01

    Emerald Palace Residences in Market :

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    Sharjah Ajman
    Umm al Quwain
    Ras al khaimeh
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