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abu_dhabi --> Al Reem Island --> Hydra 55 Towers   
abu_dhabi --> Al Reem Island --> Hydra 55 Towers
  Hydra 55 Towers
Start Date :   Handover Date :
Location : Al Reem Island

  • The Abu Dhabi-based real estate pioneer's new projects at the City of Lights will provide holistic living environment by employing futuristic smart home technology and eco-friendly space management.
  • Hydra Properties, the leading UAE real estate developer, today announced the launch of two new projects – Hydra Avenue Towers and Hydra 55 Towers – that will redefine the landscape of the City of Lights at the Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, at Abu Dhabi Cityscape being held from 13-15, May, 2008.
  • Commenting on the launch of Hydra Avenue Towers and Hydra 55 Towers, Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim, Chief Executive Officer of Hydra Properties, said: “We, at Hydra Properties, are engaged in the relentless pursuit of excellence while serving the needs of the UAE, and those who are driven by the urge to meet fresh challenges head on. I’m proud to say that Hydra Properties has blazed a new trail in the real estate scene in the Middle East and has cornered glory globally, but home is always closer to our hearts. Our new projects -- Hydra Avenue Towers and Hydra 55 Towers -- reflect our unswerving commitment to serve the UAE and stand as proof for our unflinching determination to play a meaningful role in the development of the nation.”
  • Hydra 55 Towers will redefine the skyscape of the Al Reem Island as they are designed to lord over 55 stories in an effort to provide an indelible touch of grandeur and glamour to the City of Lights.
    Hydra 55 is an exclusive haven for those who cherish their private moments and will offer the finest, and unmatched, residential ambience, 24 x7, at the whole of Al Reem Island.
    Hydra 55 is imagined, and will be executed in such a manner that you will hear the murmurs of the ocean and waves of comfort will sweep into your consciousness. From all the stories of Hydra 55 you will get an unbroken and vivid view of the pristine seafront at the Al Reem Island as the project is just a stone’s throw away from the shore.
    And throughout the 55 stories, reflecting the spirit of the times we live in, futuristic smart home technology will be deployed at Hydra 55 to ensure the residents a ceaseless flow of comfort and convenience. 
    Hydra Properties never forgets its core philosophy of sustainable development and is determined to adhere to global standards in eco-friendly space management at both Hydra Avenues and Hydra 55.
    Reaffirming Hydra Properties’ philosophy that has helped the Abu Dhabi-based company to reap a rich harvest in the global realty market, Dr. Al Fahim, said: “Hydra’s philosophy goes beyond brick and mortar. Hydra’s each project is designed to be a living organism, blending in with ecology and breathing nature’s pristine energy, so that you don’t feel trapped inside the steely and concrete claws of your apartments. Each day, Hydra strives to make its spaces radiate with positive energy so that you get more from life.”

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