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Dubai --> International City --> England Cluster   
Dubai --> International City --> England Cluster
  England Cluster
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Location : International City



England Precinct mirrors traditional London architecture, especially with 18th- and 19th-century Georgian and Revivalist styles featured in its two-, three- and four-storey buildings that are topped by red gabled roofs and brick chimneys. Shop fronts on the ground floor further accentuate England Precinctís quaint little village charm.

The Residential District Set in 300 hectares of ideal residential atmosphere and spread across the development, the Residential District features 21,000 expertly planned yet affordable studios and one bedroom apartments. Divided into Large and Medium sized neighbourhoods, it will be home to more than 60,000 people. The implementation of the latest theories and techniques in town planning has meant that itís just a four-minute walk from any cluster to reach the outer limits of International City. The entire district is designed to have a homely, neighbourhood atmosphere. Beautifully landscaped gardens dotted with fountains and recreational areas add a perfect community feeling to the district. An abundance of retail outlets, amphitheatres and restaurants ensure that the residents feel completely at home. Every residential amenity like cooling, telecommunication, electrical and water supply will be in place, along with a huge parking area accommodating 20,000 cars. Along the main axis of the development are a series of plots with every conceivable amenity that a community needs. Schools, post offices, hospitals and lots more add the perfect finishing touch to a development that will be thriving with life.

Welcome to England where green lanes lead from chalk cliffs, through downs to moor and mountains; where spring, summer, autumn and winter each bring their special loveliness and where the thronging streets are paved with history. This small island holds a varied tapestry of landscape and of people. The cosmopolitan cities offer a myriad of arts and cultural attractions: museums, galleries, historic monuments, impressive architecture, and sporting arenas.

The neighborhood of England is set in the Large-sized Neighborhood Type II and features two, three and four storey residential buildings with shop fronts on the ground floor. The architecture of the buildings reflects the traditional red gable roofs, while the facades echo Georgian and eclectic Revivalist styles of the 18th and 19th century.

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