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Dubai --> International City --> China Cluster   
Dubai --> International City --> China Cluster
  China Cluster
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Location : International City

International City - China -YIC Chinaour slice of the Orient in Dubai!

Set at Al Warsan off the Emirates Road in Dubai,the cosmopolitan International City is a township  split into 6 key areas namely, The Central Districts, Dubai Gates (Dubai Design Centre), The Dragon Mart, The Residential District, Lake District and The Forbidden City. The Residential District in turn features ten internationally themed districts namely, China, England, Morocco, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Persia, Greece & Thailand. Occupying one end of the Residential District within International City, the Chinese cluster is essentially a Type II neighbourhood with medium-sized apartments that are wholly freehold.
International City-China features 2, 3 & 4-storey buildings residential buildings decorated with traditional Chinese motifs, balconies, red tile overhangs and pagodas. The undulating style of the buildings brings dragons in mind and reflects the influence of the Forbidden City nearby. The multi-faceted architecture of the Chinese neighbourhood is as diverse as the vast country it represents.
Sections of the Chinese cluster are complete and bulk of the apartments has been handed over to their owners. Dragon Mart, home to the largest selection of Chinese products and services outside China, opened here in December 2004. International City - China in Dubai is a self-contained development that encompasses shopping areas, showrooms, restaurants, and warehouses capable of accommodating 4,000 enterprises dealing in Chinese products and services.
The neighborhood of China is widespread, touching Morocco and England in International City's 300 acre residential district. The neighborhood is just 4-minute walk away from the outer limits of International City, located on the Emirates Road. It is close to Dubailand and the Dubai International Airport.
The neighborhood is situated amidst beautifully landscaped gardens dotted with fountains. The residential district is equipped with retails outlets, amphitheaters, restaurants and recreational facilities. Community amenities include schools, post offices and hospitals. Each residence has excellent cooling, telecommunication, electrical, water supply and parking facilities. The central district of International City houses more retail and trade venues, and includes top class hotels and exhibition centers.
  • Situated on Emirates Road close to the city
  • Less traffic chaos owing to location
  • Contemporary amenities & fixtures

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