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(since 2011 Aug)
Dubai --> International City --> Greece Cluster   
Dubai --> International City --> Greece Cluster
  Greece Cluster
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Location : International City

IC Greece
Go the Grecian way in Dubai!
Taste the splendours of ancient & modern Greece, right here in Dubai! Featuring amphitheatres & wide green open spaces, the neighbourhood of Greece at International City, Dubai, recaptures the charms of bygone Hellinistic townships, in the futuristic Dubai. The architecture of this freehold residential complex is a throwback on both age-old and contemporary Greek building styles, and is thus in tandem with an unhurried & comfy lifestyle. Clearly, the prevailing mood is one of simplicity and elegance.

International City, Greece at a glance...

  • 100% freehold; Residence Visa available
  • Medium-sized Type I neighbourhood
  • Prime, secluded location in a corner of International City
  • Smooth access; less traffic
  • Stylish & muted apartment designs
  • Low-rise buildings, with 3 & 4 storeys
  • Studios, 1 bedroom apartments - large & small + Retail space
  • Excellent community services; gardens with fountains
  • Ample parking space
  • Schools, post offices & hospitals within easy reach
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Easy-to-pay installments
    All the buildings at International City, Greece embody traditional Greek decorative elements like Doric columns, tiled-roofs, balconies, symmetrically-placed windows & white-painted walls, and are reminiscent of the quaint homes dotting the refreshingly pure Grecian countryside. This residential zone in International City, Dubai also accommodates restaurants and recreational facilities with a distinctive Greek feel. Finance with attractive incentive packages available.
    The neighborhood of Greece stands in a corner of the 300-acre Residential District within International City, Dubai; it is set at the edge of the Persian cluster on the outer perimeter of the Lake District. International City, Greece is just a 4-minute walk away from the boundaries of International City on the Emirates Road. It is also within easy reach of the Central District housing retail/trade venues, top-class hotels and exhibition centres.

    International City, Greece is;

    • A stone's throw from Dragon Mart Complex in International City, China
    • Adjacent to Dubai Design Centre
    • Close to Emirates Road, Dubai
    • Near Dubailand
    • Minutes away from Dubai International Airport
  • European apartment designs
  • Cupboards & wardrobes in bedroom
  • Contemporary fixtures in kitchens & bathrooms
  • Beautiful home accessories
  • Wide elongated windows, tiled roofs & Doric columns
  • Excellent telecommunication, power, water & cooling facilities
  • Spacious parking lots
  • Community amenities:

  • Schools
  • Post offices & hospitals
  • Amphitheatres, restaurants & recreational amenities

  • Greece Cluster in Market :

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    Abu Dhabi
    Sharjah Ajman
    Umm al Quwain
    Ras al khaimeh
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