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(since 2011 Aug)
Dubai --> Dubai Marina --> Infinity Tower   
Dubai --> Dubai Marina --> Infinity Tower
  Infinity Tower
Start Date :   Handover Date :
Location : Dubai Marina

Dubai Builds Worlds Tallest Twisting Tower

Name: Infinity Tower
Location: Dubai Marina
Floors: 73
Height: 330m approx
Use: Residential
Architects: Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Build Level: Approved
Infinity Tower in Dubai Marina will be a most impressive construction, with dynamic, twisting shape, waterfront views and amenities to a first class quality. The building's twisting shape is its most striking feature as it rotates from bottom to top by some 90 degrees.

The Infinity Tower torques by an eye-watering 90 degrees much in the same way as the original Turning Torso does but without the exterior structural supports as this is contained. Amazingly there is not a single structural pillar anywhere inside the building, instead support comes from a complex concrete column structure that holds it up from the outside although a central service core remains.

The tower will be clad in metal panels with staggered glass to maximise the penetration of daylight to the apartments creating something that will shimmer in the bright sunlight in a mixture different reflective materials.

The top is crowned with a hollow lattice-work that continues the metallic rectangular cladding pattern. Vertically doubling in height with every one of the final levels it expresses the shape of the structure in the sky.


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