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(since 2011 Aug)
Dubai --> Jumeirah Village South --> Baynonah Business Towers   
Dubai --> Jumeirah Village South --> Baynonah Business Towers
  Baynonah Business Towers
Start Date :   Handover Date :
Location : Jumeirah Village South



Two taller towers have been designed, taking advantage of the unlimited height allowed for the plot. With 21 floors above the podium the simple shape of the towers it gives a monumental effect.

A seemingly random and busy looking, yet simple-to-implement facade provides shade and opacity where necessary and transparency where necessary. The glass treatment gradually fades into the completely transparent retail levels on the ground floor and top of the podium providing a clear articulation for the base of the towers and the end of the podium.

The entrance is kept to be grande and monumental with two large walls standing tall and pure. The angle of the walls guides the direction to the inside giving also an inviting feeling to the interior. The various parts of the building are well articulated yet all come together and remain consistent.

The podium houses 4 floors of parking which is cladded in white limestone treated to the same effect as the glazing of the towers in order to maintain unity of the project.

Another distinct feature of the towers are the various indented strips wrapping around the building. These remain within a pre-determined 2 meter gap between structure and glazing. They serve two purposes: to provide a variety of floor plate shapes [as required by the development guidelines] as well as added continuity with the “pattern” of the skin.

The podium rooftop provides an outdoor garden that also remains faithful to the design by having the tiling follow the same pattern as the limestone walls of the podium. What used to be openings in the podium walls are now openings for grass, greenery, and water features. What used to be cladding in-relief are now benches and tables for the nearby restaurants and shisha outlets.

Finally, The towers are topped with a gym and mechanical floor of contrasting treatment to the tower and crowned with a modern canopy be-fitting the grande towers.


1,123.380 AED - £157.000 - 228.000 EURO


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Abu Dhabi
Sharjah Ajman
Umm al Quwain
Ras al khaimeh
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