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Al Reem Island abu_dhabi --> Al Reem Island Freehold Project
Al Reem Island, previously referred to as 'Abu Al Shuoom', 'The Pearl' and 'Emirates Pearl Island', is a residential, commercial and business project to be built on the natural island of Al Reem Isle, located off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi city. The development will be connected to the Abu Dhabi city island by 2 or 3 bridges and be located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Al Reem Island will cover an area of 633 hectares (68 million square feet) and is being built by 3 developers - Tamouh Investments owns 60%, Sorouh owns 20% and Al Reem Investments owns the remaining 20%. The development will be overseen by an independent third-party facilities management company known as Bayt Al Khidma, who will ensure all three Reem Island developers meet the high standards of construction. The island is estimated to accommodate 280 thousands residents and will include important amenities like schools, medical clinics, shopping malls, restaurants, a 27-hole golf course, hotels, resorts, spas, gardens, and beaches. Property available on Al Reem Island will be on a extendable 99-year leasehold basis.

Al Reem Island Divisions
Pearl of the Emirates - Name of Tamouh Investments' 60% of Al Reem Island, whose first phase is estimated at AED 2 billion (US$ 545 million) which includes 15 towers and a 5-star hotel.

Al Shams Abu Dhabi (The Sun of Abu Dhabi) - Residential development by Sorouh covering 14.2 million square feet (1.32 million square meters) to be completed by 2011.

Najmat Abu Dhabi (The Star of Abu Dhabi) - AED 30 billion (US$ 8 billion) urban waterside community development by Al Reem Investments covering 20 million square feet (1.86 million square meters) to accommodate 80 thousand to be completed by 2012.

Al Reem Island project offers you the unique amalgamation of

'the vibrancy of a chic, urban metropolitan ' and the 'rejuvenating tranquil

that only a secluded island can provide'. spread across 6.5 million square

metres of the sprawling al reem isle, the development project holds the

distinction of being the largest ever in Abu Dhabi. it is also the first of its

king in the region to be executed on a natural island.

the project is set to transform the spectacular Al Reem Island into a prolific

action-centre. The mega development will include a business district, a

commercial district and residential district, turning the island into a luxurious

'city within a city'. Facilities like schools, golf courses, art galleries, golden beaches

lush landscapes, shopping malls, recreational centres, healthcare, world-class

infrastructure and commercial spots will make it 'the' place to live, work and relax.



there are many unique factors that go on to make the al reem island a winning proposition:

its closeness to abu dhabi city; only 500 metres away from downtown abu dhabi

the distinctive fact that is developed on a natural island; making it an ecp-friendly development

a complete city in its own right with residential, commercial and business distincts

complemented with full commune facilities

the construction and infrastructure are of the highest quality

the island's modern city offers a splendid 360 degree sea view

the official stamp of abu dhabi government will be carried on the purchase contract.



located near the northern shores of Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island is an exquisite slice

of natural paradise anchored on the pristine blue waters of the persian sea.

the picturesque island make a perfect setting for al reem mega development project,

setting it a class apart from any other real estate project in the region.

the island. as tranquil as it is, has the convenience of being only 500 metres away

from the bustling abu dhabi downtown sophisticated modern bridge connect the island

to the capital city, setting it just 20 minutes away from abu dhabi international

airport. al reem is also well-connected to dubai through the main abu dhabi - dubai highway.


Residential district

Whether it is villas, town-houses or apartment, your home at al reem island will be your 

Ideal retreat to revitalize yourself. Breath-taking views, luxurious interiors and all the modern

Conveniences intertwine to offer you the highest level of elegances and comfort.

Some of the exquisite villas and town-houses are inspired by the charming Moroccan

And Spanish architectures. Others orchestrate distinct oriental and western notes into a

Fascinating  harmony of contemporary designs, but also variety and flexibility in the sizes and

Affordability of the residential units.

Unique Features:

Top-of-the-line management services

Luxurious entrance and lobbies

High-speed panoramic elevators

Round-the-clock security

Maintenance services

World-class gymnasium and fitness clubs

Basement parking

Relaxation area

Landscaped area

Swimming pools and separates childrenís pools

Multi-purpose halls

Childrenís playroom and play areas

High speed internet and satellite TV in every room

Fully equipped kitchens, with cabinets and counter  tops 


commercial district


whether  itís shopping  for international brands, dining in exquisite restaurants, or

just having fun, al reem island has the best of it all offer; turning the island into a treasure

house of treats and joyful experiences.

The district is not just a hangout for fun, dining or shopping, but also the gathering place

For those who wish to indulge in finest pleasure of life.

The commercial district also include international art galleries, music halls and theatres


The commercial district offers the following attractions:

Shopping centers with international retail brands

Water sports, including, water skiing, scuba diving, sea fishing, yachting and more

Luxurious 5 star hotels, spas and resorts

A monorail system that will take you around the island

An international standard 27-hole golf course that will host international competitions and attract many enthusiast

A vibrant nightlife that takes you across continents with the finest range of international cuisines

Prestigious art gallery and opera house that will host year-round concerts

Landscape gardens that provide pockets of space for relaxation


Central business district


Al Reem Island is all set to become a international business hub.

The central business distinct of the colossal community offer world class office complexes and commercial skyscrapers, equipped with state-of-the-art communication and security facilities as well as

Many other business amenities.

the office unit  are built to suit the requirements of various business size and needs Ė from stand-alone entrepreneurs  to multinational corporation. The business district will play host to leading international companies from around the world, who wish to broaden their business horizons in the middle east.

The islandís rejuvenating tranquil environs make work an exceptionally pleasurable experiences

Apart from the world class convenience offered . the corporate yet enjoyable working atmosphere

Will make a positive impact on the motivation and energy of the executives.

The island also offers the unique option to take a water taxi to work rather than drive!

Al reem make a perfect setting for a business handshake. You can have your business meeting in your

Luxurious sea view office, cruise hotels, or in the fancy cafes and restaurants of the business district.

Al reem will be your smartest business investment.

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