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Downtown Jebel AliDubai --> Downtown Jebel Ali Freehold Project
Downtown Jebel Ali will at once be a self-sustaining community and also integrated seamlessly with the rest of Dubai through a rich transport system, unrivalled in the region a truly integrated community.
It is a development made even more impressive by the constraints of its physical area eleven kilometres long by three hundred fifty metres wide and covering over two hundred hectares.
Downtown Jebel Ali is made up of four quarters. Within each one, there are three distinctive districts: a modern, buzzing Urban Centre, with its huge variety of cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities; a cool, shady Trellis District where people can walk in comfort all year round and children can play in safety; and a Medina, with its maze of pedestrianised alleyways and relaxed atmosphere.

At the heart of Downtown Jebel Ali is a fundamental need for balance - between work and leisure, family and friends, familiar and new. This is why Downtown Jebel Ali offers such a rich diversity of urban space and experience. A revolutionary new transport network delivers efficiency and choice, allowing people to walk in safety and comfort. Downtown Jebel Ali is committed to sustainability and making the right choices today for the generations to come tomorrow.
As important as the buildings within Downtown Jebel Ali will be the spaces between them. A network of plazas, arcades, parks and gardens will connect commercial, retail and residential areas, bringing people together as part of a genuine community.

New Destination
Stretching for 11 kilometres beside Sheikh Zayed Road and covering over 200 hectares, Downtown Jebel Ali will be at the heart of the most dynamic and strategically significant region of Dubai. Located between the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area and Techno Park with their wealth of commercial, employment and educational opportunities, Downtown Jebel Ali will also offer easy access to Dubai Waterfront, the Port of Dubai and the new International Airport.

The Transport and Reveloution
Nowhere else in the region will offer a transport system as rich, convenient or intelligent as Downtown Jebel Ali. Four new freeway intersections will facilitate easy access by car, and centrally located in each of the four zones will be a Dubai Metro station. While the Metro will carry people effortlessly between each zone and other parts of Dubai, a state of the art internal people mover system will provide an environmentally-friendly, practical and comfortable way of moving throughout Downtown Jebel Ali.
The movement of cars will be intelligently controlled to enhance efficiency and reduce congestion. The creation of pedestrianised areas will deliver safer, cleaner environments for families and children.

Master Plan
With more than 300 buildings, Downtown Jebel Ali will consist of four quarters - East Quarter, East Central, West Central and West Quarter. Each will have a full range of transport options for easy access to and from the development. Its clever design includes ample space in between buildings, with pedestrianised, congestion-free areas. Each quarter provides a complete range of services for the businesses, residents and retailers who will make Downtown Jebel Ali their home.
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Deayaar Park-Tower

Deyaar Park

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